Bots & Workflow Automation

Y Meadows

Automate repetitive work that is slowing your team down

Y Meadows integrates with your Front instance to identify and automate repetitive tasks, freeing your team to work on high-value tasks. The integrated AI is custom built for your company to read and understand incoming messages, then Y Meadows integrates with other systems to take action on behalf of your team. Simple Front rules trigger Y Meadows to read, understand, classify, tag, direct, handle or resolve the incoming communication.

Y Meadows automation can be triggered by Front rules to allow for automated tagging of messages applied by an AI that reads and understands the incoming message. Additional automation, such as automated responses with data insertion, or the creation of data records in other systems is also supported. Tedious, manual processes can be completely automated using Y Meadows.

Screenshot of Y MeadowsScreenshot of Y MeadowsScreenshot of Y Meadows