You, your customers, & Front. Welcome to the Oneness.

Why climb the mountain of customer communication? Front is easy like email, yet powerful like a CRM. Let the mountain grow beneath you.

One hub for all your customer communication, teams, and work apps. It’s like floating on a cloud.

Did you just assign a thousand emails at once? Or did Front do it for you?

Making certain every single customer email, text, and message gets handled by the right person at the right time? It’s like playing 4-dimensional chess. Except if 4D chess was improbably, fantastically easy. With only one click, you can assign any message to its proper home. Or why click at all? Front has powerful automations that can assign messages based on account, segment, geography, or even topic.

Unplug without worry. Your customers are in the best hands.

Like migratory patterns passed silently from generation to generation, so too will your customer messages find their way home. Birds and butterflies don’t need someone manually forwarding them to travel south for the winter. And you can travel too, knowing every message and task will be taken care of by the next person on your team without a crisis. And when you return? No mountains of emails to sort through. Ahhh.

To know your customer, you must first know yourself with crystal clear analytics.

Focus and illuminate your team with insights clear as alpine waters. Most companies are wading in a murky pool, unable to access the simplest of metrics, like their busiest day for emails, their average response time, or their fastest resolution benchmarks. But Front has built-in analytics so you can see everything from the flow of a message across teams to CSAT scores from every interaction. Yes, you can swim in that!

Roar with but a whisper... Or chat with teammates in an email thread.

Have you ever accomplished more by working less? That’s how it feels to @mention teammates with questions and comments inside an email thread. No more forwarding or copying with endless threaded replies. All the things you wish your work email could do, Front just does them. No more switching tabs between email, chat, and your other work apps. Everything you need to do your job is in the Oneness. In Front.

Go behind the scenes of the Oneness