Automation makes you more human

Breathe life into your work

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We know: amidst embarrassing email marketing mishaps, robotic support tickets, and chatbots that just don’t quite get what you’re asking, it’s hard to imagine automation making you appear more personal. But along with Rosey the Robot, we agree: automation isn’t all bad—and in our fast-paced, overly-busy world, it actually allows you to be more human. Leveraging automation properly at work leaves space for you to quickly prioritize, get context, and respond personally. Instead of rushing through tasks, automation allows you some room to breathe life into your work. 

In this webinar, you will learn...

🗞 Automation misconceptions, hard truths, and where we are today

⬆️ The upsides of automation for reducing stress and improving productivity

🔑 How Front & Zapier can help you automate day-to-day tasks and scale your impact