How Aircall drives retention by making every customer feel like the only one

Aircall’s customer base was growing rapidly. It was clear to Head of Customer Success Kai Horstmannshoff that traditional email was no longer a sustainable solution for communicating with customers. 

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He needed a way to handle a high volume of messages at scale, all while maintaining that same quality of communication they were known for. That’s when he turned to Front. 

Watch this interview where Kai will bring us on his journey from Gmail to Front. 

You’ll learn… 

  • The challenges Aircall’s success team was facing, like balancing fast response times with personalization

  • The reasons why Front won against traditional help desk solutions 

  • How Aircall uses Front to improve CX, drive efficiency, and increase customer growth

  • Matthew MeeksGlobal Programs at Front
  • Kai HorstmannshoffHead of Customer Success at Aircall