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Report: 2019 Logistics tech trends

Report: 2019 Logistics tech trends

Software is eating the logistics industry.

Technology is transforming businesses of all shapes and sizes — and the logistics and transportation industry is no exception. Replacing labor-heavy processes and time-intensive workplace operations, technology is propelling logistics businesses to grow more efficiently than ever before.

To get an inside look at how companies are using technology to support a global, always-on workforce, we surveyed leaders across IT, Operations, and Customer Service.

Overwhelmingly, respondents agreed that strategic technology investments were pivotal to keep up in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

You'll learn...

1. Why companies say technology is critical for scaling

2. How the landscape of logistics workplace technology is changing, including:

  • Software usage and trends

  • Buying behaviors

  • Popular communication tools

3. Predictions for the tech investments with the highest potential for ROI

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