Why making your support metrics public is worth the risk

For our next conversation, Front’s CEO, Mathilde Collin, will sit down with Parker Conrad, the CEO of Rippling, to talk about why transparency around support is so important — and why it’s good for business.

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In 2023, Front made our support metrics public to showcase the achievements of our world class support team and to transparently uphold the high service standards we commit to for our customers.

We’re not the first company to do so. The year prior, Rippling published theirs and made waves by launching a call to arms for companies to publicly share their metrics for support quality and responsiveness.

Join us for a 45 minute conversation, where you’ll learn:

  • Why Rippling took the risk to make their metrics public, and what the ROI has been

  • How both Front & Rippling have maintained support stats that far exceed industry benchmarks, and why support quality should be a top priority for any CEO

  • How to react if your support metrics start to slip 

  • What the most important metrics are to measure and why you can’t hide behind rosy averages 

  • Why CEOs (and even engineers) should jump into the support queue to engage with customers