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Shared Inbox Management Guide for Teams Using Gmail

More and more companies are using Gmail for Business for project and customer communication. Gmail is popular for a reason: it’s easy to use, has advanced organizational tools, and is customizable. When it comes to managing group email addresses with Gmail, companies using Gmail find that their email processes are clunky. Emails must be forwarded for collaboration, and cc’ing creates an overwhelm of new email in the inboxes of team members. It’s difficult to track which emails need a response and which have been handled. 

That’s why teams resort to making shared inboxes in Gmail. This guide will explain how to create a shared inbox in Gmail, how to manage your shared inbox as a team, and how to use Front to make managing your shared inboxes simpler, with greater visibility.

Here are some of the questions we cover in this guide:

  • What is a Gmail shared inbox and what are Google Groups?

  • Why do teams use Gmail collaborative inboxes?

  • How do you create a shared inbox with Gmail?

  • What are the limitations of Gmail shared inboxes?

  • Why do teams manage their team email in Front instead of Gmail?

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