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Complaint Management

A better system for complaint management

When customers complain, it’s a chance to strengthen your relationship. Don’t waste it with impersonal, uncoordinated responses.

Now you can handle complaints with a personal touch at scale

1:1 response—no deflecting, no ticket numbers

The worst thing you can do when managing customer complaints is give an impersonal response. Giving customers a white-glove experience when they submit a complaint can actually restore and strengthen the relationship—better than it was before. Front’s complaint management software makes it easy to provide 1:1 responses at scale. Every complaint is routed to a shared inbox that enables a team to effortlessly distribute the weight. Each customer can be routed and assigned automatically to the person with the most bandwidth or to the account owner, so every complaint gets a fast, personal response.

Critical context at your fingertips

Behind every customer complaint there’s an entire history of context. Each interaction and every bit of data offers critical background information to help you understand what’s going on underneath the issue. In Front, the entire conversation history plus all your CRM data from Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other database is instantly visible right next to the complaint message. No more scrolling through endless threads or searching for previous responses. And no more switching back and forth between apps to collect information. It’s all right there in Front’s customer complaint management software.

Seamless escalation and SLA coverage

When you need to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Front has a built-in process that can automatically flag complaints for immediate response. Texts from your most valuable clients, emails containing customizable keywords—they can all be flagged for immediate escalation. Or when a customer needs to go up the chain of seniority, you don’t need to forward or copy anyone. A quick at-mention brings them into the conversation instantly and seamlessly.

Respond with one voice to customer complaints

Nothing undermines your brand faster than contradictory responses. When one rep says something different than another, it can kill your credibility with your customers. That’s why Front has templatized responses so your whole team can respond consistently with the correct, approved messages and phrasing. Plus, using templates for common responses can save your team a ton of time they’d normally spend drafting a custom reply. Templates are simple to personalize too, so you never lose that white-glove experience.

Automate and assign messages to respond faster

If you can’t respond quickly to customer complaints, you’ll only make the problem worse—and probably lose customers forever. Too many companies waste valuable hours or even days by forwarding complaints around internally before they get to the right person. Custom “if-then” rules are easy to build in Front, and can help get your customer complaints to the right person at the right time so you can give the right response within minutes, not hours.

My team literally could not do what they do without Front. We’re working more productively, and customers can feel the difference.
Trish BinghamVP of Client Services, Boostability
More high-impact teams rely on Front

Powerful software for best-practice customer complaint management

Team inboxes

Front lets you sort your support team inboxes by channel, tier, geography, urgency — however you triage requests, Front can do it.


Report on support activity and response time to get the insights you need to improve. Measure SLAs to stay on top of every critical message and solve issues proactively.

Message templates

Instantly resolve the most common issues with saved email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests, route them to the right person, and even manage SLAs.


Assign inbound requests to the right person on your team to handle it end to end. Automatic load balancing makes sure no one is overworked.

Use Front to turn customer complaints into customer success

  • 1:1 response—no deflecting, no ticket numbers.

  • Get critical context right at your fingertips

  • Respond with one voice to customer complaints

  • Seamlessly escalate complaints and SLAs

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