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Email in the Front, your CRM in the back

They say a mullet is business in the front; party in the back. It’s the best of both worlds, really — just like Front. We blended email with your customer relationship management software to make it simple for you to give extraordinary service at scale.

Improve Customer Experience

Know exactly who you’re talking to

Easily reference a shared view of customer information right from your inbox by bringing your customer relationship management system into Front, so every touchpoint is informed and thoughtful.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Build CRM-informed workflows to better serve customers

Easily set up automations that route, escalate, and assign work based on customer data, so your team stays aligned on how to serve critical customers.

Increase Growth

Provide an unparalleled customer experience

What’s the result of engaging, personal messages paired with deep customer understanding from your customer relationship management system? Customers for life.

With your CRM system in your inbox, the sky’s the limit

  • Give your team one place to view every message, all critical context, and statuses at-a-glance in Front. See who’s working on what and ensure that every account is covered.

  • Use custom workflows to automatically assign messages an owner, classify incoming requests, and escalate conversations based on tailored customer data from your customer relationship management software.

  • Comments on email threads make it easy to work together on tricky asks, without ever leaving the customer conversation. Loop in teammates and trust that you all have the context you need to act quickly.

  • Get a picture of progress and pain points for every customer. Turn contact-specific insights into action so you can keep churn at bay and solve problems before they start.

Front fits your team perfectly

Bring the apps, data, and messages that drive business growth into your inbox and create the workflows your team requires.

Integrate your favorite apps into Front—or build your own.