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Email Delegation

Email delegation, made simple

When you need to share emails and get them answered, Front has you covered. Email delegation is seamless in Front through assignments, shared inboxes, and a built-in inbox delegation feature.

Rest assured, every email is handled

Delegate the emails you want with ease

Email delegation is built directly into Front. Choose a teammate as a delegate, select which folders or sections of your inbox you’d like to delegate, and you’re off to the races.

Internal collaboration on emails, like no other

Unlike in Gmail delegation or Outlook, Front allows you to collaborate in real time on email and comment internally on email. No CC’s, no forwarding, no “see my edits in red.” Instead, you can work together on email drafts before hitting send, so every email gets the right response, every time.

Automation for instant delegation

Rules allow you to set up email automations or delegate certain messages automatically. Use triggers like sender, keyword, or tag to move emails to other inboxes, assign them to teammates, or assign them among teammates in a round-robin.

Context when you need it

Forwarding email often means letting someone sift through a thread to understand the situation. It’s a pain. With Front, you can share an email with a teammate and they’ll get complete context through shared inboxes. You can even leave comments in the email for them to explain more detail.

Safe, secure email delegation

No need to share logins and risk security breaches—email delegation in Front is safe, secure, and simple. Just choose a teammate to delegate your inbox, select folders you’d like them to view, and you’re ready to go. With Front, you can avoid Gmail delegation, which forces you to share your entire inbox. Front lets you choose.

Front is the best product I’ve ever used.
Clément OuizilleCo-founder, Convelio
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Features for seamless email delegation


Assign messages a clear owner, so it’s simple to understand who’s accountable for what—or build automations to assign messages for you.

Team inboxes

Easily allow teammates to hop in and answer emails through shared inboxes, where you have visibility into what’s been answered, and what needs a reply.

Comments and shared drafts

Collaborate on emails internally using email comments and real-time shared drafts—so you can get emails answered together with ease.


Use custom workflows to sort new messages and route them to the right person instantly.

Stay on top of your email, from anywhere, together

  • Internal email comments allow you to work together on replies behind the scenes

  • Customize with APIs and integrate with your other essential tools

  • Real-time analytics give you reliable insight on performance, workload, and customer experience

  • A shared view of all communication in a multi-channel team inbox

  • Secure access to delegated inboxes—without sharing login credentials

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