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Email Management

Email management system

Front makes your inbox organized and actionable so important messages don’t slip through the cracks.

Email management has never been simpler

Goodbye to messy distribution lists — share emails instead

In Front, teams collaborate on a single copy of each email sent to shared addresses like contact@ or orders@. Avoid multiple replies and missed messages by assigning owners to respond. With this email collaboration tool, you’ll know exactly who’s working on what to cut down on the back and forth.

Get clear ownership in shared inboxes

Get messages where they need to be with workflow rules and assignments based on keywords, sender, time of day, and more. With your automatic rules in place, you can rest assured every email is being handled.

Spot trends and report on results with email analytics

With Front, your inbox isn't a black box. Measure message volume, team response time, and other trends in customizable analytics reports. Get insight into email activity, share key results with clients, and improve team response time.

Achieve and measure response time targets with email SLAs

No more late replies or missed emails. Empower your team to respond on time, every time. Front's SLA rules help you prevent breaches before they happen with automatic warnings for at risk emails that need urgent replies.

Give personal, ticketless support

Your customers are the heart of your business—so don’t treat them like just another ticket. Front makes it easy to give personal support, even with high email volume. All the organization, collaboration, and routing happens behind the scenes in Front, while your customer just gets a clean, thorough email reply. No ticket numbers, forwarded threads, or clunky formatting needed.

We can measure and demonstrate our response time to prospective clients to instill confidence and seal the deal.
David SeftonSenior Vice President, West Coast Operations, ALTOUR
More high-impact teams rely on Front

Organized and actionable, without all the effort

Team inboxes

Connect email, live chat, SMS text, and more in shared inboxes that your team can collaborate on together.

Email analytics

Understand email habits, volume, and activity. Measure response time, and report on results. Front’s analytics make it easy to get the insights you need to keep email under control.

Message templates

No more typing out long emails. Save time while responding with email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests, route them to the right person, manage SLAs, and more.


Stay on top of every email. Assign any message to the right person on your team to handle it end to end, and even build automations to balance the load.

Get email under control with Front

  • Bring email from multiple accounts, plus messages from other channels, into one place

  • Get shared context to get the full picture of every situation

  • Build easy and intuitive email workflows and email routing

  • Manage and triage email as a team to respond faster

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