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Help Desk

The Personal Alternative to Help Desk Software

Better than help desk software, Front lets you manage email, live chats, SMS texts, and more in one collaborative hub.

Provide great service, without the clunky help desk

Personal service without the tickets

Support teams often use a ticketing system to assign a number to every customer message. It's great for staying organized internally, but it's not a very personal experience for your customers. Better than help desk software, Front lets you manage support without the ticket numbers, so every customer gets a personal reply.

Stay aligned with a single view of every customer

Access support requests from any channel—email, SMS text, live chat, and more—in shared inboxes. Everyone works from the same queue with built-in message assignments, so it’s always clear who’s responsible for what. And, you can all see customer conversation history to get up to speed in moments. Front lets you integrate with Salesforce, Nicereply, and 60+ other apps, so you can easily access and edit customer data in your inbox. 

Access analytics to constantly improve

Measure team and individual performance, track response metrics, and gather customer insights with Front’s analytics. How many messages does it take to resolve an issue? Which customers are you communicating with most? What topics are customers asking about most often? Find all these insights and more in Front, so you can make better business decisions for the future.

Set up and train reps faster

Help desks typically require complicated setup for team leaders and lengthy training for new teammates. Not with Front. Front’s interface feels like email, so it’s intuitive for your team to learn. You can easily set permissions for each teammate or role, so you always know who’s got what controls in the shared inbox.

Automate workflows and respond faster

Spend more time on your customers and less time on busywork by building rules in Front. You can automate routing or triage, trigger SLA alerts when a breach is near, and organize messages in inboxes instantly. In a traditional help desk, automation can be complex to set up…but in Front, it’s a breeze. Create inbox automations with simple if-then rules and templates to give you a jump start.

Using Front has allowed us to consistently keep fantastic support in an ever-changing company, across channels, and across time zones.
Jarratt IstedCo-founder, HelpDocs
More high-impact teams rely on Front

The help desk alternative your team and customers will love

Team inboxes

Front lets you sort your support team inboxes by channel, tier, geography, urgency — however you triage requests, Front can do it.


Report on support activity and response time to get the insights you need to improve. Measure SLAs to stay on top of every critical message and solve issues proactively.

Message templates

Instantly resolve the most common issues with saved email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests, route them to the right person, and even manage SLAs.


Assign inbound requests to the right person on your team to handle it end to end. Automatic load balancing makes sure no one is overworked.

Use Front, the best alternative to a help desk solution

  • Give personal customer support without ticket numbers

  • Build easy and intuitive workflows and routing

  • Manage and triage inbound requests as a team

  • Bring every customer message into one tool

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