Build outstanding products and experiences with Front and Linear

Emily Hackeling

Emily Hackeling,

Content Marketing at Front

10 December 20210 min read

Using Front and Linear together allows high-performing teams to deliver great products and exceptional customer experiences, even while experiencing super-speed growth.

When your product team’s building at cheetah pace, you don’t have time to mess around with cumbersome project management slowdowns. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Front integration with Linear—so high-performance, hyper-growth teams can manage sprints, tasks, bugs, and other software projects without ever leaving their inboxes in Front. 

With Linear inside Front, your team can build without interruption and communicate thoughtfully with customers, so you can deliver the best possible experience.

Keep projects moving, squash bugs faster

You never want to take your team out of their flow—so having a painless project tracking system is a top priority. Linear’s your go-to. The only thing that can make you faster is linking Linear with Front, where your team has a single hub for managing email communication with customers, team communication internally, and your projects. When you’ve got a packed roadmap, having a streamlined interface for communicating and managing projects makes every step of the process go more smoothly. 

Linear integrates with Front so you can manage issues without leaving your inbox.

Full context on every customer’s asks

Since your entire company can communicate in Front, it’s easy to escalate bugs from your support team and link a Linear issue. With both products working in tandem, your product team can see the customer’s full conversation and read the exact language they used to describe a bug or feature. No more passing on information or paraphrasing what’s gone wrong—your team can build better solutions with all the detail they need from your customers.

Update issues without skipping a beat

When you’re switching from email to other apps or tabs, there’s always the risk that you forget or transfer the wrong information. No longer! With Linear in Front, it’s easy for your team to stay up-to-date on projects. It’s just a few clicks to link an issue, update it, or assign it to the right owner. Saving even a few minutes on those updates can make a difference, especially when you want to go grab that second coffee for the day. 

Link bugs to conversations to track statuses and be reminded to follow up with customers.

Follow up with every customer, every time

There’s nothing more magical than being able to send a customer an email that, “Hey, that bug that was bugging you… is finally done!” With Linear inside Front, you can link issues directly to customer conversations. When an issue is marked complete, your conversations automatically reopen so you can share the good news. It’s like a Post-it Note reminder, but no Post-it Notes needed.

Deliver extraordinary products—and experiences

With the Linear integration, your team can focus on building, without having to switch back and forth between email and apps to link issues and make updates. When your team is organized internally, you can deliver faster for customers. And when you get to share the game-changing updates you released at lightning speed? Customers for life in the making.

Want to learn more about using the Linear integration in Front? Read the full article on our Help Center.

Written by Emily Hackeling

Originally Published: 9 December 2021

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