Customer Success matters today more than ever before — so we’re teaming up with Gainsight

Anthony Kennada

Anthony Kennada,

CMO at Front

13 May 20200 min read

Front’s Gainsight integration lets customer-facing teams give a world-class experience. Bring Gainsight into your inbox with Front to access all the information you need to serve customers better.

There’s a renewed sense of appreciation for the power of human touch over the last few months. Since we can’t be physically close, we’re finding other ways to fill the void — albeit imperfectly. From video calls with loved ones to the simple act of checking in on your neighbor, we’ve seen the impact of taking time to show people around you that you care.

It’s powerful.

This movement is so primal, it’s permeating business too. People need people — now more than ever. They want to feel personally cared for. The trouble is companies have fewer resources than ever as well. Customers demand a level of experience only one-to-one, human touch can offer. But your company’s humans are stretched thin already.

That’s why we’re bringing Gainsight into Front. With this integration, you can leverage critical customer data from Gainsight directly in your inbox. You can see the information you need contextually, right next to the message it pertains to. With Gainsight and Front together, your team can now offer all your customers a truly high-touch experience at scale.

The Front integration is part of Gainsight Sightline, a customer success ecosystem with a robust and growing collection of high-impact technology for any size and scale of company in any industry.

As the former Chief Marketing Officer at Gainsight, I’ve personally seen the transformative impact that Customer Success teams can have on the bottom line of a business. I’m encouraged that with Gainsight and Front together, that impact to both company and customers alike will be exponentially greater.

Here’s a quick look at the new workflows unlocked with Gainsight and Front:

Access customer context directly from your inbox

Your team fields hundreds — if not thousands — of customer communications every day. And each message, whether email, chat, or text, requires context to reply effectively. That’s where we typically see processes break down. Either you can’t get that context, or it takes too long to get it.

But with Gainsight in Front, you can easily access highly contextual company and contact data from Gainsight right next to your message. Identify the CSM, check the Health Score, see their Renewal Date, look at Contract Value, and access any other attribute by opening their Gainsight Dashboard directly from your inbox. Your team doesn’t have to switch tabs to reference Gainsight. Instead, all that customer information is a few clicks away.

And don’t worry about searching through Gainsight for the information you need. This integration saves you time by automatically surfacing the customer data from Gainsight based on the conversation you’re looking at in Front.

Give high-risk customers the special treatment

Front’s rules engine allows you to build inbox automations so you can sort and prioritize messages as a team. For example, customers with red or yellow Health Scores in Gainsight might need extra attention — especially those with a renewal coming up. Front can automatically tag messages coming from those clients and set alerts to triage them to a high-priority inbox or escalate them to management faster.

Work together to respond faster to customers

Customer success is a team sport. Front allows your team to work together in ways you can’t with traditional email like Gmail or Outlook. Let’s say you get an email asking about something on the product roadmap. Instead of forwarding to your product team, you can @mention someone in a quick, in-context chat. No need to pull up Slack or fire off another email. The person you’re messaging gets all the context right there. Or what if you need some help from your marketing team on the best way to word your Executive Business Review invitation. You can share your draft with them and get edits just like in Google Docs.

In Front, inbound conversations can automatically be routed to the proper CSM based on rules. If a conversation comes into Front and does not have an assignee, instead of sitting unattended in the team inbox it can be immediately assigned to the designated account owner. This is a huge help when you have CSMs on PTO or parental leave. And it’s so important for delivering personal touch at scale. With Front, every customer can get a quick, personal response without overwhelming your team.

Understand your customer experience across every touchpoint

And it’s not just email. You communicate with customers in many different channels, but you need a way for them to communicate with you in just one. Front lets you manage all your communications in team inboxes — not just email, but also SMS texts, live chat, social media messages, voice messages, and more. So when you’re having a conversation with your customer over email, you can also scroll through the customer’s entire conversation history with your team to see that they tweeted at you last week, or they had a live chat conversation with your teammate a few months ago.

All that conversational context is critical, and Front puts it at your fingertips. And with the Gainsight integration, you have even more context instantly visible for every interaction you have across all these channels. It’s the most seamless way to operationalize your customer communications.

The power of Gainsight’s platform now integrated with Front makes a great combination to supercharge customer success initiatives.

— Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight

In a world with heightened churn risk and limited resources, customer success is more important than ever. But the mission is still the same: making sure every customer achieves their desired outcome — and has a great experience. “As the first complete customer success ecosystem, Gainsight Sightline is helping us pivot the world around the customer, and we’re thrilled that Front chose to be a part of it,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. ”The power of Gainsight’s platform now integrated with Front makes a great combination to supercharge customer success initiatives.”

You can try out Front for free today, or schedule a demo to see how Front can fit into your Gainsight workflow.

Written by Anthony Kennada

Originally Published: 13 May 2020

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