Etix frees up time for work that matters with Front

With Front, the Etix team is happier, employees feel more effective, and internal onboarding is smooth.

Going to a museum, to hear your favorite band perform, or to watch your favorite team in action? There’s a good chance you purchased the ticket through Etix. Serving both event businesses and event-goers, Etix provides ticketing and marketing for festivals, concerts, museums, casinos, arenas, and more.

Etix relies on Front for email and cross-team collaboration, so they spend less time managing their inboxes and more time doing work that matters.

Now that our entire organization uses Front to communicate, we’ve noticed tremendous gains in collaboration and efficiency.

Molly Jones, Technical Support Specialist


Etix has a unique service model with both client-facing and customer-facing teams. They needed a way to handle and grow these high-touch relationships, while fueling better collaboration across teams. To keep everyone moving efficiently, they needed a tool that the entire company could use to have more visibility and be more effective.


The entire 175-person Etix team now works in Front:

  • All their individual work email and shared email accounts live in one place.

  • They connect JIRA and Pipedrive to Front, so they can create JIRA tickets from their inboxes and access the exact customer email tied to an issue.

  • They use rules to automatically assign emails to the correct teammate and instantly tag client emails by stage, so it’s easy to see what’s happening with a customer email at-a-glance.

According to Molly, “With Front, the customer is happier, employees feel more effective, and internal onboarding is easier because everything is on one product.”

Efficiency skyrockets with every message on one platform

With Front, the Etix team spends less time managing email, which frees them up to do work that matters. Instead of hunting through their overflowing inboxes and Slack messages to find information, all their messages are organized and searchable in Front, right alongside the context needed to respond effectively.

“Before, I was not an Inbox Zero person because being an Inbox Zero person wasn’t even an option. Front’s made that possible,” Molly said.

More visibility = more productivity

With Front, the entire Etix team can access the information they need to get work done. For instance, their accounting team can easily search their shared client inbox to view conversations about pricing. That way they can get all the context they need about the decision. Anything associated with that client is right there.

Front has given the Etix team a sense of agency to find answers they need. “People can check things on their own instead of asking someone else,” Molly said. “Visibility = productivity,” she said.

Front also makes time management and business planning simpler. “We can see every contact we’ve had with a client and justify the time we’re spending with them,” Molly said.

Closer team dynamic for cross-functional teams and remote workers

The visibility Front gives Etix unites their cross-functional teams and remote employees. With Front they can share emails with teammates instantly and easily collaborate around them, directly on the message.

“When you @mention a remote colleague on an email, it makes them feel like they are working right alongside you, not getting a description from afar,” Molly said.

And because of Front’s integrations, all the context they might need is instantly accessible. “Rather than having a conversation split across Slack, JIRA, and email, we now have everything together in one place with Front, which does wonders for our organization and productivity.” Molly said.

Behind-the-scenes collaboration creates a smooth client experience

Front enables Etix to create a better experience for clients when they write in with questions. “Rather than needing to hand things off internally and have a game of telephone, we can internally loop teammates in quickly to get the information we need,” Molly said. Instead of forwarding emails internally, they can easily @mention and leave a comment for their teammates, directly on emails. That way, they can give customers more thorough replies.

Etix is looking forward to bringing even more parts of their workflow into Front through Front’s integrations and API. “With Front, our team is more effective because they can access the information they need and collaborate with colleagues all from one place,” Molly said.

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