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Saucey centralizes SMS texts and customer support with Front

Launched in May 2014 in Los Angeles, Saucey is a premier on-demand alcohol delivery service. The company currently operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Sacramento, and heavily depends on SMS text and email communications to take orders, keep customers posted, and ensure timely deliver within 30 minutes.


Chris Shon, Operations Manager, joined the team when Saucey was still using Google Voice and Ring Central for SMS text messaging. "While those solutions were great for individual users," Chris says, "they weren't ideal for a dispatcher handling several dozen conversations with customers at once."

As the company grew and the support team began managing over 1,000 conversations across 800 customers every week, they wanted a simple, reliable SMS integration that would consolidate the team's communications for easier management and visibility. The support teams needed a platform that would bring their communications into one place.


Saucey's support team wanted to keep an eye on emails, social media, and SMS texts from customers. That's why Saucey chose Front. "Front centralizes all of these channels so we can see all of these communications in one place," Chris says.

Email, social media messages, and SMS texts in one inbox

"At a glance, we can see when a message came in and get a sense of which messages are urgent, and which aren't. The ability to prioritize properly is essential in a support role, and this visibility has helped us organize and prioritize how we address every customer issue. Even though we're a really small team, the SMS integration allows us to provide immediate support."

With Front, Chris says, "the steps to respond to people are dead simple. Rather than focus on process, we're able to focus on the purpose, why we're responding to people, and how we're doing so."

Automation ensures every message gets a reply

Though Saucey prefers to respond directly to customers using SMS, they've also set up rules in Front to trigger auto-responses when necessary. On weekends when there's a higher volume of messages, the team's response rates are slower. To maintain quality communication, the team has set up auto-replies to ensure they're serving their customers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Saucey's team has set up 53 automated rules in Front to help them save time where they can. "When someone is mentioned in a comment, it will notify them in Slack with a link to a Front conversation to keep everything in one place. That has optimized our workflow so people don't have to check multiple channels all of the time."

Overall, Front really helps us stay on top of every customer communication – from email to chat to SMS texts.

- Chris Shon, Operations Manager, Saucey

Remembering to follow up is easy with Front's reminders

The team also uses Front's reminder feature to manage less urgent needs. "If we need a customer's response to be able to resolve the ticket, for example, we'll set up reminders to follow up again if we haven't heard from them within a certain time period," Chris says.

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