Setter cuts response time from 1 hour to 5 minutes with Front

Setter uses Front to connect homeowners with available service providers as soon as possible, allowing their customers to get reliable contract work done when they need it.

Homeowners of today are busier than ever before — meaning they have less time to spend on home improvement and maintenance.

That’s why homeowners look to Setter, a point of contact for everything around the home, from landscaping, to fixing a plumbing problem, to adding a back splash in the kitchen. Setter, operating in San Francisco and Toronto, provides a quote from their pro service providers and manages all communication to get jobs done, all while making the process painless and enjoyable for homeowners.

The challenge

A lack of visibility resulted in frustrated service providers and compounding inefficiencies

When Setter launched in 2015, their co-founder managed all communication with service providers on his personal cell phone. That process quickly became obsolete as the company grew, but the reliance on texting and email continued, from disconnected accounts.

There was no clear method for communication around each part of the job. Service providers and customers dealt with multiple teammates who had no visibility into the conversations that had occurred before. This frustrated service providers and clients, and the inefficiencies compounded as the company grew. In each market, they worked with up to 80 different niche contractors, servicing hundreds of customers. They needed a more efficient process that gave every teammate full visibility into each conversation that occurred with every contractor and customer.

The solution

A smoother process that preserved the human connection

James Patrick Dempsey, Setter’s Chief of Staff, knew that Front offered a unified inbox that was easy to integrate into existing systems and software. Dempsey says they were drawn to Front as a command center for every conversation with every contractor and customer.

Setter rolled out Front first to manage client communication, which translated into a smoother process. At the same time, they were able to preserve the human connection that had differentiated the company from the beginning.

Front scales easily as Setter grows

When Setter built an app to handle the quote and job fulfillment processes, they integrated Front with it so they could handle all contractor communications in the Front inbox. Dempsey explains, “Our team can work on these email conversations and threads together and make sure that we’re not only providing a phenomenal experience to our customers, but an equally phenomenal experience to our service providers.”

Front continued to scale with Setter. As the company added new team members and grew their customer base into the thousands, Front continued helping them stay efficient while ensuring they kept their personal touch. Dempsey says, “We’ve been really impressed with how Front allowed us to scale. We started with a very small team, we were able to scale our usage up to a very large team. That flexibility is unique.”

We’ve been really impressed with how Front allowed us to scale. We started with a very small team, we were able to scale our usage up to a very large team. That flexibility is unique.

James Patrick Dempsey, Chief of Staff

When Setter’s clients began using Facebook to communicate with them and share their experiences, Front’s integration with Facebook allowed the team to efficiently handle those conversations. Teammates don’t need to be logged into Facebook — they can manage everything in Front.

An efficient process speeds up communications

When a customer contacts Setter, Front allows the team (of up to 20 people on any given job) to easily determine the best service provider for the job and communicate with the contractor to quickly put together a quote. The teammate handling this first step labels the email conversation with a description of the job, so every other teammate can immediately recognize it and know what the job is about.

The service providers love the process because all communication comes from a single email address. This allows them to easily follow email threads — no more hunting to find multiple emails about the same job. Yet each team member has their own email signature, so the service providers know exactly who they’re working with at any given time.

When the work is completed, the contractor closes out the job by sending Setter photos of the work. The speed of communication has boosted customer satisfaction. Dempsey shares, “We’re able to immediately ensure that our quality standards were met and pass that along to the client, perhaps even before they’ve seen the completed work themselves.”

Front reduces response time from 1 hour to less than 5 minutes

Front allowed Setter’s team to skyrocket their efficiency. Dempsey says, “Our key metrics are speed to service — time between the customer request and providing the quote to the client, and quality service — a high service rating after every single job. Front has boosted both significantly.”

Since the Setter team can work on new requests together from a single inbox, they’ve been able to cut their response time from 1 hour to under 5 minutes. This improvement has led to happier contractors and quotes being delivered an average of two hours faster.

Dempsey says, “Front has allowed us to have a better relationship with our pros, move faster internally, and ensure higher quality work for our customers. Basically everything we care most about.“

Front has allowed us to have a better relationship with our pros, move faster internally, and ensure higher quality work for our customers. Basically everything we care most about.

James Patrick Dempsey, Chief of Staff

Full transparency translates into customer satisfaction

Beyond the quoting process, Front’s transparency has allowed Setter’s team to deliver even better customer service for each job. Because all the details for each job are visible in Front, any teammate can jump in and communicate with the client on logistics — like when a contractor will be at the house and where trucks will be parked, and even details like a wall in a house that shouldn’t be painted because it’s where the parents have marked their child’s height as they’ve grown.

Dempsey explains, “Our clients have high emotions and high anxiety around home-related problems because the home is the place that they go after a long day. With Front, we’re able to make sure we’re communicating well and our pros execute like a high-performance sports team. This sets our clients at ease. They no longer feel overwhelmed. They’re back in control.”

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