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ZENCONNECT increases productivity to deliver the best client service

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By centralizing all their information and collaboration in Front, the ZENCONNECT team has seen an increase in productivity and time-savings of more than one hour a day.

ZENCONNECT offers IT setups to help businesses run more productively by leveraging new network, WiFi, telecom, and cloud-based technologies. Their team of 30 employees — from Sales, Financial, Technical, Project, Direction, to IT — relies on Front to deliver the best client experience to more than 450 companies.

“Front is the future of collaboration. We respond faster using Front and customers are getting the right information from us,” says Yohann Lecornet, CTO and CIO of ZENCONNECT. Front has made email work well for their team and brought the other tools they use into their inbox. By centralizing all their information and collaboration in one platform, the ZENCONNECT team has seen an increase in productivity and time-savings of more than one hour a day.

Eliminate duplicate replies and confusion

Before ZENCONNECT started using Front in April 2017, their team struggled with managing multiple email addresses in Google Groups. Emails would get lost, or worse yet, one teammate would reply and two minutes later, another teammate would reply to the same email. With Front’s collision detection, they can see when someone is responding to an email. There’s no confusion because they can see the email response in their shared inbox, too.

Give better responses with real-time collaboration

Collaboration has never been better within their team. “Employees love having internal conversations in Front and asking their collaborators to help them with a customer email,” says Lecornet. Instead of sending an email to a teammate and waiting for a reply, they can work together in real-time with Front’s shared drafts and internal comments. They can just @mention a teammate, discuss the email internally, and work on a response together.

Work efficiently with all their tools in one place

Like many companies, ZENCONNECT uses many different tools to run their business. Front has a strong integration with third-party applications. “The big difference with Front is it brings these tools into your inbox. Before Front, we would waste time checking other apps, multiple times a day. Now, our team can create an internal chat, see information in Salesforce, and answer a customer in 5 minutes, without ever leaving Front,” explains Lecornet.

Get started quickly with minimal training

Front’s ease of use has helped them adopt it across their company and streamline their operations. “The adoption of Front was fast with our team. There was no need to develop training because the interface is very clear,” says Lecornet. “We also got our financial team onto Front. So now when the sales team receives an email about billing and they send it to the financial team, the sales team can see its status and know that they’re working on it.”

As ZENCONNECT considers expanding outside of their Paris, France operations into Spain next year, Lecornet believes that Front is the right solution for their employees. “Front is the best collaboration tool for email, and it can not only transform your business but also open many possibilities for enterprises.”

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