Resolve multilingual customer queries at the click of a button

Lingpad is an AI-powered localization tool for quick & seamless multilingual customer support. With Lingpad, you get a no-code, easy-to-install plugin to translate all your customer messages and help center content in 120+ languages with minimal effort.

’Translation by Lingpad’ for Front helps you provide multilingual customer support quickly and seamlessly without leaving Front’s interface. Powered by AI, Lingpad for Front translates all of your customer conversations within seconds. Lingpad is trained with billions of human-translated segments to refine AI-powered translations, empowering your team to deliver excellent, accurate customer support regardless of the customer language. Maintain your brand voice with glossary, tone selection, and additional features.

Lingpad for Front detects the language of the incoming customer message and translates the message into your agents’ preferred language. Translated messages are shown as internal notes. Agents can then send the response by writing a comment starting with an exclamation mark, like “!Hi Bob…” in their preferred default language, and Lingpad will send a translated response to the customer in the customer’s language.

Screenshot of LingpadScreenshot of LingpadScreenshot of LingpadScreenshot of LingpadScreenshot of Lingpad