Analytics & Reporting


Extract data from Front conversations to organize your customer service teams simply and effectively.

Surfboard provides customer service teams with simpler, smarter and fairer planning tools so they can organise themselves in order to delight customers with quick response times without burning out their team.

Through integrating into Front’s conversations, Surfboard extracts data to build forecasts and calculate the number of people required on each channel at any point in time. We use this plus the availability, skills, preferences and contract types of your team to create fair shift plans and schedules.

We would invite you to join our platform via email. Once you’ve accepted the invitation via our dashboard, you’d sign in to our “Manage” platform where you would connect to your Front account via OAuth 2.0. Once connected, our clients enter their details through an implementation process where we learn about their target response times, categorisation of tickets and other details before generating a forecast for them and displaying this within our dashboard.

Screenshot of SurfboardScreenshot of SurfboardScreenshot of SurfboardScreenshot of Surfboard