Supplemental Terms

Last updated March 20, 2024

These Supplemental Terms are hereby incorporated into the Saas Services Agreement or, if different, the agreement between Customer and Front for the provision of Front’s Services (the "Agreement"), and apply to Customer’s use of the features of the Services as described herein. Capitalized terms used and not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Agreement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement, Front reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update these Supplemental Terms as needed to address updates to features and functionality within the Services. The individual agreeing to these Supplemental Terms represents to Front that they have the authority to bind Customer and any Affiliates to this Agreement.

Messaging Integrations Terms

Certain products and features within the Services (including channel integrations, the “Messaging Integrations”) allow Customers to integrate the Services with various third-party messaging platforms (such as WhatsApp, referred to as the “Non-Front Messaging Platforms”). By using the Messaging Integrations, Customer hereby acknowledges that the Non-Front Messaging Platforms are non-Front services and certify that Customer has agreed to and will comply with the terms of service that such Non-Front Messaging Platforms use to govern the use of their platform(s) (as amended from time to time, the “Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms”), regardless of whether they are specifically listed herein. Such Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms include but are not limited to the terms available at the links provided in this document and any policies and terms referenced therein.

If Customer does not agree to certain Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms, then the Customer cannot use the applicable Non-Front Messaging Platform. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Front does not operate the Non-Front Messaging Platforms or the services provided by the Non-Front Messaging Platforms.

If Customer uses the Messaging Integrations, Customer hereby represents that it has provided notice to and received all necessary consents from its End Users to contact such End Users using the Messaging Integrations and/or the Non-Front Messaging Platforms enabled within its account. Further, Customer agrees that Customer Data and Personal Data may be transferred to and processed by the Non-Front Messaging Platforms which Customer integrates as necessary to provide the Services. Customer acknowledges that it is responsible for configuring the interoperability of the Services with Non-Front Messaging Platforms to the extent any such actions are required outside of the Services.

Front does not guarantee the continued availability or performance of the Non-Front Messaging Platforms.

Further, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Front does not determine or control the content of the Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms and that Front shall have no liability associated with Customer’s use of the Non-Front Messaging Platforms. Any modification of the Non-Front Messaging Platforms, to the Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms, or to the fees charged by the Non-Front Messaging Platforms to Customer, shall not relieve any of Customer’s obligations to Front. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Non-Front Messaging Platforms may alter their fees at any time and Front has no control over any such changes.

WhatsApp Supplemental Terms

To use any Messaging Integrations that integrate with WhatsApp, Customer must have a WhatsApp business account (“WhatsApp Account”) and at least one WhatsApp phone number (“WhatsApp Number”). WhatsApp Numbers are sold separately from the Messaging Integrations. In connection with the Messaging Integrations, Customer is entitled to use no more than the number of units that they purchase from Front as indicated on an order form.

WhatsApp may revoke Customer’s use of the WhatsApp services in its sole discretion at any time. Front will not refund any Fees paid by Customer should WhatsApp eliminate Customer’s access to the WhatsApp Service functionality required for use of the Messaging Integrations at any time during the Subscription Term.

With respect to WhatsApp, the Non-Front Messaging Platform Terms with which Customer must comply include, without limitation, the terms available at the following links:

Customer Knowledge Base Terms

When accessing and using the Customer Knowledge Base, you must follow the guidelines stated in Front’s End User Conduct and Content Policy and agree to these additional terms.

Customer Knowledge Base users may not:

  1. Submit any content that contains intentionally false, inaccurate, or deceptive information that is likely to cause harm;

  2. Use the Customer Knowledge Base in any way that breaches a contractual obligation you have to a third party; or

  3. Represent that content you submit to the Customer Knowledge Base is sponsored or approved by Front;

Front may edit, redact, or delete content on the Customer Knowledge Base for any reason. Between you and Front, you remain solely responsible for content you submit to the Customer Knowledge Base.

Content Import for AI Terms

By using the Content Import for AI feature, Customer agrees to be bound by these Supplemental Terms and:

  1. instructs Front and its vendors to collect on Customer’s behalf the contents of any web pages hosted at the domain Customer submits when enabling the feature (collectively, “Content”), and to use Content for the purpose of enabling such feature and providing the Services;

  2. agrees that Front may use automated web scraping techniques to facilitate collection of the Content;

  3. agrees that if access to or use of the Contents is subject to website terms of use or other terms that conflict or are inconsistent with these Content Import for AI Terms or the other provisions of the Agreement, such conflicting or inconsistent terms shall not apply to Front’s or its vendors’ performance of the Services;

  4. represents and warrants to Front that Customer has all rights and permissions necessary for Front’s collection and use of the Content as contemplated by these Content Import for AI Terms and the Agreement, and that such collection and use will not violate applicable law or any third party’s rights; and

  5. agrees that such Content will constitute Customer Data as defined in the Agreement.