Delight customers with a reimagined way to work together

Front helps teams work in sync to be more responsive to customers — leaving no message behind.

Coordinate with ease
Coordinate with ease

You’ll be surprised at how much faster you can align with your team without starting another thread.

Resolve inquiries effectively
Resolve inquiries effectively

Your customers will tell the difference when your teams automatically know when to play their part.

Make customers feel seen
Make customers feel seen

No need to leave customers hanging when teams can get up to speed when someone’s OOO or between shifts.

Give your team collaboration superpowers

Know who owns what

Take the guesswork out of who’s following up with a clear owner for every conversation.

No more hunting for context

Handoffs are so much smoother when past conversations and customer context are in one place.

Quickly tag in teammates

In-thread comments replace the extra internal emails or DMs with real-time, behind-the-scenes chat.

Easily get feedback

Respond to customers faster with auto-shared drafts for speedy review and approvals.

Built to keep teams in lockstep

Cross-functional teamwork

From sales to operations to fulfillment to account management, Front brings in every teams’ function at the right moment and minimizes slowdowns.

Straightforward escalations

Create clear escalation paths for managers to be automatically alerted and easily sort their priorities.

Speedy approvals

Front makes it easy for stakeholders to jump in at the right time, review with easy access to context, and move onto the next.

Increased visibility

With better transparency on how teams are responding to customers, managers are more informed on how to coach.

The building blocks of next-level collaboration

Shared inboxes

With everyone working in a shared space, there’s more clarity on the status of customer conversations.

Clear resolutions

Know what’s left in the work queue when it’s clear which conversations are open or resolved.

AI summaries

Skip trying to catch up on long threads. Let AI give you a summary in the comments of a thread.

Collision detection

Embarrassed over duplicate replies? See when a teammate is actively responding in real time.

Project management

Stay on top of tasks by integrating your favorite project management tool like Asana and more.

Slack integration

Respond to Slack messages directly from Front or push Front conversations to Slack.

Internal discussions

Skip the extra chat tool and spin up internal discussions to get aligned with the rest of your team.

Conversation guests

Loop in non-Front users if you need them to weigh in on a message.

Front’s intuitive and simple design enabled more efficient cross-functional team collaboration and less switching across apps like Slack, saving 1+ hours per team member on Front. This saved $211,250 in productivity to deliver a more consistent customer experience.

Joe Emison, Co-founder & CTOBranch logo