Chicago Fireside Chat with Freight Leaders

Making the most of a soft freight market to prepare for the industry rebound

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Market volatility is the new normal in the logistics industry, which makes it critical that logistics leaders plan ahead and stay ahead of market curves. 

After two years of tight truck capacity and unprecedented demand, shippers now have the upper hand with a favorable national freight market. Early 2023 has seen slack capacity and lower spot rates, resulting in a deflationary period and a soft market.

What can you do now to make the rest of the year smooth sailing? What technologies should you be investing in right now so you’re prepared for busier times to come?

Watch the panel discussion with top freight leaders in Chicago including Jay Gustafson, EVP  of Brokerage Operations at Echo and Will Kerr, CEO of Edge Logistics to discuss how to make the most of today’s soft freight market to get ahead.

  • Jay GustafsonExecutive Vice President of Brokerage Operations, Echo Global Logistics
  • Will KerrCEO at Edge Logistics