Front Live Demo + Q&A

Wondering if Front is the right tool for your team?

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Question: do these problems sound familiar to you and your team?

Email overload, slow or missed replies, siloed apps & channels, lack of context, slow cross-team collaboration, unclear messages ownership, lack of communication & performance analytics...

If your answer is yes, you should definitely join us on this 30 minutes product tour to find out how Front fixes these issues (and many others), enabling your teams to deliver frictionless & personalized customer experiences that will blow away your competition. 

Nice words aside, here are some facts. Teams transitioning to Front are: 

  1. saving 6 hours per teammate per week

  2. replying 7x faster

  3. delivering a first-class CX — by increasing their productivity by 18%, they can finally focus on what matters: the customer.

Ready to make feel your customer like your only one? Step 1, save your seat. 

Seeing is believing! 😉

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