The Milenia team works happier by managing all their messages in Front

Milenia offers financial solutions for personal loans, financial management, and private credit in Switzerland.

Their customers are a selection of partner banks. When individuals come to them for advice, they assess the situation and match them with the right bank, absolutely free.


Prior to Front, Milenia’s team used group aliases like credit@ and support@ to talk to customers, plus their individual work email addresses. They also communicated with customers through Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and over the phone using Aircall. It was difficult to know who had responded to messages and what tasks needed to be done each day.


Milenia started using Front so that we could immediately see our tasks for the day, keep track of what needs to be done, and make sure the whole team was up-to-date at all times.

Front has allowed us to be a better company.

Jérémie Monney, CEO, Milenia

“With Front, everything changed. Today, we are individuals, who work as a team, toward the same common goal,” CEO Jérémie Monney said. “Our team has become more efficient, but above all, our customer service has improved significantly!”

One inbox for every message: Email, Facebook, Aircall, Twitter

Now, the Milenia team uses team inboxes in Front to manage customer messages to group aliases, like client@ or procedures@. They also connect their individual work email addresses to manage all their email easily in one place.

With Aircall connected to Front, it’s easy for them to manage their support call center. “This allows us to handle missed calls, and to stay in touch with our customers however they like,” Jérémie said. They’ve also connected their company’s Facebook page and Twitter, so they can answer those messages directly in Front, without leaving their inboxes.

Simple collaboration and increased accountability

Front’s collaboration features help them work together without confusion and stay accountable. When they assign a message in a team inbox in Front, the message goes directly to that person’s inbox, so everyone knows it’s being handled and what’s left to be done. And with internal-only comments directly on message threads, they can work together on replies.

We can ensure a more qualified follow-up, ask a colleague for help with a reply or, with a simple click, and ensure the customer gets the best help possible.

Jérémie Monney, CEO

“We can do all that from anywhere — whether we are in Europe, the United States or anywhere in the world, any member of our team can intervene, anytime, directly in Front.”

Saving hours to spend more time helping customers

Front has freed up time for the Milenia team, so they can focus on making customers happy. By looking at a customer’s contact in Front, the team can quickly see their whole history of messages — from Twitter, email, Aircall, or any other channel. This context allows them to quickly get up to speed on a conversation and give better answers. They also use Front’s message templates feature, which saves them time in typing out long messages and allows them to keep consistent dialogue in all of their communication.

We answer faster, we answer better, and we can help each other at any time. We’ve gained so much of our time back.

Jérémie Monney, CEO

Efficiency that scales

Now that the Milenia team has sustainable, scalable internal communication with Front, they can respond faster and better to their customers. “The next step is to extend that efficiency to every process in our business, so we can make our customers even happier,” Jérémie said.

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