HostnFly powers end-to-end rental management service with Front

Communicating with both property owners and guests, 28 teammates on HostnFly’s operations and client-facing teams depend on Front to manage more than 2,000 messages a day.

When you book a short term stay through Airbnb or HomeAway, there’s a good chance it’s handled through a rental management company like HostnFly. From pricing and listing, to cleaning and 24/7 guest service, HostnFly covers every part of the rental process. Communicating with both property owners and guests, 28 teammates on HostnFly’s operations and client-facing teams depend on Front to manage more than 2,000 messages a day.


Before Front, HostnFly managed emails with owners through a client@ email address. It was complicated and provided no insight into their messaging habits. They couldn’t track what had been answered and what was left unread. For communications with guests, they used an Airbnb management communications platform which provided no flexibility or prioritization for urgent messages.


The HostnFly team decided to start using Front as the central hub for all their communication. In Front, teammates manage their individual email as well as team inboxes for messages from clients and guests: reviews, Facebook messages, Aircall voice messages, and SMS texts.

When the team started using Front, the response was, ‘Ok, this is amazing,’

Guillaume Motte, Co-founder and COO

With every message in Front, the team saves time from switching between tools. They can see every customer message, regardless of channel, so everyone has the context they need to step in and reply.

Reliable, excellent customer service

When clients have questions, they message HostnFly’s general email alias. With Front, they automatically assign customer messages to the right account manager. They never have to worry about sending duplicate replies or messages getting trapped in one person’s inbox.

Thanks to Front, we are very good at communication, and that sets our team apart.

Guillaume Motte, Co-founder and COO

If a teammate’s out on vacation, the rest of the team can jump in and reply. “Front allows us to scale very quickly while keeping customer communication simple and high-quality,” Directeur Général Guillaume Motte said.

Saving time with automation

HostnFly takes advantage of automation tools in Front to save time and focus on work that matters. They add tags to messages in Front to mark and prioritize urgent messages. Front’s API automatically tags messages based on specific criteria, such as check-in date. Then, rules in Front move messages to the right inbox on the appropriate day. That way they can easily access every booking for a given day at-a-glance.

A happier, less stressed team

The HostnFly team is happier now that they’re using Front. “When we switched to Front, we were so much less stressed out. You can really get to Inbox Zero,” Guillaume reflected. Everyone on the team knows what they’re accountable for. “Front makes it very clear what tasks you need to do, so you feel more confident that you can do a great job,” he said.

Front has been a completely new way to work for us, and it’s made a really important impact on our company.

Guillaume Motte, Co-founder and COO

As the HostnFly team continues to thrive, they’re planning to keep integrating their other tools into Front, making it their reliable, central source of communication.

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