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Account Handoff

Seamlessly automate account handoffs between teams

Handoffs are some of the highest-risk events in the customer lifetime. You’ll never drop the ball with Front orchestrating behind the scenes.

Make your account handoffs invisible to your customers

Full transparency between teams

Having siloed teams is the number-one reason companies struggle with handoffs. When each customer-facing organization has its own processes, workflows, and systems, every handoff ends up feeling like your speaking different languages. Front’s different. Shared inboxes offer much more transparency across teams so every team can have visibility throughout the lifecycle of the customer. Success can review email conversations from the sales process. Support can @mention Account Managers inside a conversation thread to provide visibility into unresolved issues. Teams can reply directly to customers in any channel without any forwarding or copying, so nothing is missed and every customer gets a seamless experience.

Complete context in one simple interface

Every customer relationship has an entire history of context. Each interaction and every bit of data offers critical background information to help you understand what’s going on at any given milestone in the lifecycle. In Front, the entire conversation history plus all your data from Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other CRM is instantly visible right next to the message. No more scrolling through endless threads or searching for previous responses. And no more switching back and forth between apps to collect information. Teams can finally have total customer context at their fingertips.

Seamlessly switch customers’ point of contact

From the first time they talk to an SDR all the way to the renewal conversation with an Account Manager, your customer could go through several different points of contact (PoCs). Without Front, it usually involves a complex set of forwards, CCs, and BCCs. But with Front, the next account owner in the chain from sales to onboarding to customer success and beyond can easily tap into existing conversation threads. From your customer’s point of view, the handoff is completely invisible. And from your point of view behind the scenes, it’s just as easy. All it takes is a quick @mention or invitation.

Respond with one voice to customer complaints

Nothing undermines your brand faster than contradictory responses. When one rep says something different than another, it can kill your credibility with your customers. That’s why Front has templatized responses so your whole team can respond consistently with the correct, approved messages and phrasing. Plus, using templates for common responses can save your team a ton of time they’d normally spend drafting a custom reply. Templates are simple to personalize too, so you never lose that white-glove experience.

Assignments make sure nothing gets missed

There’s a reason fumbles happen during handoffs—if people don’t know what they’re responsible for, tasks and messages get missed. But Front lets you assign inbound messages to anyone, so the right person can quickly take the right action. And you don’t even have to do it manually, either. It’s simple to set up rules in Front that automatically assign messages based on account owner, keywords, geography—almost any criteria you can think of. That way you can have peace of mind knowing your customers will always be taken care of.

With Front we can make seamless and smart handoffs from bot to agent, and between agents. With internal commenting, reminders, and rules, Front ensures that we provide the customer with a delightful, conversational experience.
Hussein FazalCEO and Cofounder, SnapTravel
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A transparent communication hub for breaking down silos

Team inboxes

Front lets you sort your support team inboxes by channel, tier, geography, urgency — however you triage requests, Front can do it.


Report on support activity and response time to get the insights you need to improve. Measure SLAs to stay on top of every critical message and solve issues proactively.

Message templates

Instantly resolve the most common issues with saved email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests, route them to the right person, and even manage SLAs.


Assign inbound requests to the right person on your team to handle it end to end. Automatic load balancing makes sure no one is overworked.

Use Front to make handoffs invisible to your customers

  • Full transparency between teams—no more silos

  • Get critical context right at your fingertips

  • Seamlessly tap in cross-functional teammates

  • Automatically assign tasks based on account owner

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