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Staying on top of email is easy with Front. Front turns your email into a powerful collaborative platform, so your accounting team can make a bigger impact. Build automation and workflows that enable your team to respond faster, save time, and stay on top of every conversation.

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Front is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we communicate as a team and with clients.

Galen King, Founder @ Lucid

Cut the busywork to focus on what matters

Get visibility and clarity with a shared inbox

In Front, everyone’s on the same page. All teammates get visibility into accounting@, finance@ or billing@ inboxes, so you can measure performance and get back to customers faster.

Work together to improve response times

Front makes it easy to collaborate across teams, right from your inbox. Share and edit email drafts in real time. Loop in teammates on an email without CCs and chat directly on the email thread.

Stay on track at-a-glance

With Front, emails to accounting@ and finance@ never fall through the cracks. Message assignments give clear ownership on conversations and make it simple to understand what’s unassigned, in progress, or completed.

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