The inbox for distribution lists

Eliminate the clutter from distribution lists with a shared inbox from Front. Manage distribution lists with Front - there’s one shared inbox with one copy of each email for everyone who needs it. Build automations to route messages to the right teammates so you can focus on your customers.

Join the 6,000+ companies using Front to unlock their team potential

Front is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we communicate as a team and with clients.

Galen King, Founder @ Lucid

Collaborative email for customer-facing teams

No forwarding, no cc’ing

Email should have been like this all along. Access shared inboxes with assignments, chat with your team internally on email threads, or, share email drafts to write emails together.

A multichannel platform to rule them all

Work productively with email, chats, SMS, and all your communication in a single collaborative platform that integrates with your favorite apps

Automate busywork and work efficiently

If-then rules automate small tasks so you can focus on what matters—and email analytics give you insight on bottlenecks to improve workflows

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