A new standard in customer service excellence: meet Front’s top 100 Game Changers of 2024

Front Team

Front Team

17 January 20240 min read

Honoring customer service experts across four new categories

Ever noticed that the companies you can’t resist coming back to all have something in common? Their (not so secret) secret is a truly standout customer service experience. Today, exceptional customer service is the linchpin for keeping customers and turning them into your biggest fans. 

But the game is changing in customer service, and it’s changing fast. New technology like AI has reshaped what’s possible and customer expectations are shifting. We’re excited to announce Front’s Game Changer Awards, recognizing teams who’ve met the challenges of today and are truly raising the bar of what’s possible.

Front customers have an average CSAT score that surpasses the industry average by 9 points. Our 2024 Game Changers excel beyond this and set a new standard for customer service.

100 customers were crowned winners across four categories based on their CSAT scores, standout deflection workflows, and community engagement. These winners represent the best of the best from the more than 8,500 businesses that choose Front to power their service experience.

More on who made the list and how we created it ⬇️

The categories 👀

CSAT Leaders

CSAT Leaders hit an impressive 96% average CSAT over 230k total survey responses, representing a select 1% within our 8,500+ customer base.

These winners were crowned based on their CSAT survey scores combined with the number of responses, indicating the highest quality of customer satisfaction. 

Knowledge Base Pros

A strong knowledge base empowers your customers, teams, and partners to instantly find the information they need through a single source of truth. This form of self-service support is becoming table stakes for top-performing teams by enabling faster answers for customers and scalability for the business.

This year’s Knowledge Base Pros go above and beyond in their commitment to scale self-service. These companies used Front’s knowledge base to delight their customers with a branded, intuitive experience that delivers answers fast. 

They also designed categories for usability, included thoughtful links to other parts of the business or product to make the experience seamless, and added various features like Front Chat to help the transition from self-service to human service.

Check out the knowledge bases of our winners: 

Chatbot Experts

With Live Chat, you can support customers in the moment with prompt responses, rescue your team from redundant work to handle high volume inquiries with ease, and gain efficiency with your channels in one place.

This year’s Chatbot Experts deflect hundreds of thousands of customer messages through sophisticated chatbot workflows that save time for more complex issues — without detracting from their customer experience.

Winners were chosen for different reasons, based on their unique chat strategy and success with Front Chat. Some of the different criteria include:

  • Successfully set up their team, chatbot, and process to handle thousands of chats per week 

  • Set up a system of categorization, prioritization, and automation through hundreds of tags to improve and scale their chat operations

  • Utilized over 15 custom fields to effectively gather data for their team to resolve inquiries faster

  • Built multiple branching paths based on keyword groupings to create an easy customer experience and an efficient bot flow to drive resolutions

Community Stars

Finally, we want to recognize the heroes of Front Community that strive to build the best solution for their teams and empower others to do the same. We’re constantly inspired by what they share and even get new ideas ourselves! 

The Community Star honorees have the highest Front Community engagement when it comes to inspiring their peers and sharing the best tips and tricks about Front. They value the team effort of moving excellent service forward, together. 

A few examples of our winners interacting in Front Community:

What’s next 🔮

A big congratulations to all of our 2024 winners! If you want to see the full list of winners across all four categories, check it out here

While being on our own list is against the rules, we have to give a nod to our own support team too. While not on the CSAT Leader list, our team has delivered exceptional numbers this year (97% 90-day average CSAT score!). Check out the metrics on our publicly-available customer support metrics page!

Want to make the list next year? Here are some resources to up your game:

  • Tune into our upcoming Customer Service Game Changers discussion on 2/8 with Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front, and Parker Conrad, CEO of Rippling, to hear why it’s worth the risk to make your support metrics public 

  • Reach 100% CSAT with advice from our Head of Support and leaders at Aircall, PartnerHero and Loom

  • Watch our Customer Service Game Changers conversation with PartnerHero: support leaders sharing advice on defying industry benchmarks 

  • Check out easy message templates from our own technical support manager designed to help you respond to critical inquiries faster


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Written by Front Team

Originally Published: 17 January 2024

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