6 business email templates for crisp, personal communication with clients

Nick Darlington

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9 June 20220 min read

Introducing yourself to a new client? Sending a sales outreach email to a potential customer? Here are six useful business email templates to help you deliver crisp, personal communication with clients.

Business email templates can help you communicate with clients while saving you and your team loads of time. Instead of starting an email from scratch, you can use a template to speed up the email-creation process while improving the response time for clients. It’s a win-win!

Unfortunately, professional email templates or canned emails often get a bad rap because they’re seen as too robotic or impersonal. This usually only happens when templates are used to automate business emails instead of a tool for kickstarting communication with clients. 

By using the right template for the right situation and making the required tweaks, you can communicate concisely with clients while keeping the human touch. 

In this article, we share six business email templates you can use for that purpose. 

6 Business email templates for communicating with clients

Before diving in, just keep in mind that these six templates follow the structure of any formal business email:

  • Subject line: A short description of the email’s contents, usually a couple of words.

  • Formal email greeting: The start of an email that includes a proper salutation and the person’s name.

  • Body: The main message of the email.

  • Email signature: The end of your email, which includes your sign-off, name, surname, business name, company logo, and contact information like a phone number.

Also, take note that many of these email examples are based on actual emails companies sent to new and potential clients.

New customer email template

  1. Introducing yourself to a new client

Subject line: Welcome to [company name], [client name]

Hi [client name],

My name is [your name]. 

I’m the [mention role and company name, e.g., CEO of Front], and wanted to be the first to personally welcome you and your team on board!

I’m happy you decided to give us a try. I wanted to let you know I am available if you have any questions. So feel free to reply to this email, and I’d be happy to chat.

To help you get the most out of [product name] during your trial:

[List what the user can do, e.g., visit product demo pages and resource pages, download any apps or visit your FAQ page.]

Thanks again for giving [product or company] name a try!

[Favorite sign-off],


What makes this business email template so great:

This welcome email makes the customer feel at home with a personal welcome from someone important at the company. It embodies a warm, friendly tone and kickstarts a good relationship with the client. It also acts as a solid onboarding tool, showing clients how to get the most out of their trial.

When to use this business email template:

When a new client has signed up for a free trial or bought your product(s).

Thank you email template

  1. Thanking clients after reaching a big milestone

Subject line: This milestone was not possible without you

Hi [client name],

Thank you!

On [insert day], [your company name] hit an important milestone. We [mention milestones you reached, e.g., successfully completed an IPO and started trading publicly on the NASDAQ].

Every vision starts somewhere; ours started [mention when your vision started, e.g., 15 years ago in your garage]. Since those early days, our efforts have been inspired by [insert your clients, e.g., small business owners wanting to make a difference in their communities].

We share your passion, it drives us every day, and we dedicate this [milestone] to you. We are grateful for the businesses you run, the lives you change, and the excellent work you do each day. Thank you!

Our focus moving forward is to build even more powerful products and services so we can serve you better and reach more people like you. We are already [mention what you are doing in service of that, e.g., introducing new software features the client asked for].

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

[Your name]

[Role, company name]

What makes this email template so great:

Instead of sending a generic "thank you for your business" email, the company makes the customer feel part of something bigger. They show gratitude to the customer for helping them achieve a significant milestone.  

When to use this email template:

When you’ve reached a big milestone and want to thank the customer for their part in it.

Customer feedback email template

  1. Requesting feedback from clients

Subject line: Help us better serve you

Hi [first name],

As the end of the year approaches, we’re beginning to plan for an exciting new year at [company name].

To kick things off, we’d like to schedule a review of your past year. 

During this conversation, we’d love to get your feedback on how things are going on your end and have you share improvements you’d like us to make in the coming year.

Your feedback is going to be incredibly important as we plan for next year and will help us improve how we serve you.

What day and time would work best for a call next week?

[Favorite sign-off],

[Your name]

P.S. The review should take roughly 15 minutes of your time

What makes this email template so great:

The email is professional, and the company frames the feedback request as a way to improve how it serves its customers. It also clearly lets the client know how long the review will be. This helps manage the clients’ expectations and allows them to plan their schedules accordingly.

When to use this email template:

When you need to schedule an annual or quarterly business review to get feedback from a client. 

Customer appreciation email template

  1. Showing appreciation to a loyal customer

Subject line: Here’s a little something to say "thanks"

Hi [client name],

[Your name], [job title, e.g., CEO of Front] here.

I just wanted to personally reach out and thank you for supporting us. What’s it been? Almost five years since you started using [insert company name]?

It’s been an absolute joy getting to know you and your family over the past five years and learning about your ambitious plans for your business.

We truly value and look forward to working with your more to help you grow your business. Here’s to another five years!

As a thank you for your constant loyalty, we’ve given you [insert thing you’ve given them, e.g., discount, free consultation with an expert, etc.].

[Favorite sign-off],

[Your name]

What makes this email template so great:

The email starts off with somewhat of an informal tone to demonstrate that there’s a relationship beyond social niceties. 

The email shows loyal clients they’re not taken for granted and makes them feel special with a personal thank you from an important person at the company. The gesture of giving them something like a consultation reinforces how much the company appreciates their business.

When to use this email template:

When you want to show your appreciation to a client who has used your product for a long time.

Sales email template

  1. Engaging customers who tried the product but stopped using it

Subject line: How can we get you to stay?

Hi [client name],

I noticed you tried out [company name] but decided not to use it after that.

I’d really appreciate you taking just a minute or two to share your feedback:

- What were you hoping [company name] would help you do when you signed up?

- What didn’t work for you about it?

- What would compel you to start using it regularly?

Thanks so much!

[Your name]

[Favorite sign-off]

What makes this email template so great:

Sales email templates can come across as pushy. This email does not. It simply tries to understand why a customer stopped using the product after the trial and what would compel him/her to stay. It also does not waste the customers’ time by quickly getting to the point.

When to use this email template:

The sales team can use this template to engage customers who signed up for a free trial but decided not to pay and continue using it.

New product or feature launch email template

  1. Informing customers of the latest software update

Subject line: We’ve got something to show you...

Hi [client name],

We’ve made some big changes…

Over the past [insert time, e.g., two years], we’ve been listening to all your feedback, dreaming of a future when [product] would be bigger, better, and more user-friendly than ever before.

That future is here. That future is [product] 2.0.

Our team of designers, developers, and marketers have been hard at work transforming your [product] experience. Everything should feel a bit slicker now, a bit more colorful, and a lot more fun.

Check it out (button)

Get stuck in and let us know what you think.

If you get lost, you can always call for help at [email].

Have fun!

The [Company name] team

What makes this email template so great:

Besides a subject line that evokes curiosity, the email mentions how customer feedback played a role in shaping the changes to the product. This makes the customers feel like they’re part of the company and that their input matters: it is heard and acted on.

The email is also concise, explaining everything the clients need to know. It tells the clients what the team has been working on, what the final product looks like, how clients can check out the changes, and how they can provide even more feedback.

When to use this email template:

When you’ve launched a new feature, product, or software update, and want to let your clients know about it.

Start using business email templates today

Business email templates can help you communicate crisply with clients without losing the human touch. You just need to use the right templates for the right situation and make the required tweaks as needed.

The proper tools can also help. Take Front, for instance.

You can quickly and easily save messages as email templates in one click, which you can then use at a later stage. You can also save these templates individually or for your team, so if your teammate creates an awesome template, you too can use it.

Use these personalized templates now to create stronger client relationships.

Written by Nick Darlington

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