8 personalized B2B email templates for building strong client relationships

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16 June 20220 min read

Welcoming a new client? Getting feedback on a product experience? Here are eight useful B2B email templates for building strong client relationships

Well-written emails can make all the difference in building strong client relationships. They help companies communicate, share information, and solve customer problems. They’re also crucial in demonstrating professionalism which helps builds trust and strengthens client bonds.

But creating personalized emails can take loads of time if you start each email from scratch. The solution? B2B business email templates.

8 personalized B2B templates

B2B email templates are a starting point for all client communications, so you don’t waste time creating emails from a blank canvas. You’ll have more free time to spend helping your customers—as financing platform Milenia discovered.

Email templates are useful in various customer situations, from welcoming new clients and getting feedback to showing appreciation and introducing new product features. You can use them as inspiration when writing to clients to create something entirely new or make a few adjustments here and there to fit your team’s voice and the circumstances. Just don’t make the mistake of using them to automate your messages. This will only make your emails seem impersonal, which can actually harm your client relationships.

Take note: Most examples are based on actual messages companies sent to clients.

New client B2B email template

  1. Reaching out to a new client

Possible subject line: Welcome to [company name]

Hi [client name],

My name is [your name]. 

I’m the [mention job title and business name, e.g., COO of Front], and wanted to personally welcome you on board!

I’m thrilled you decided to give us a go. Just so you know, I’m available to chat if you have any questions. Simply reply to this email.

Also, to help you get the most out of [insert product name] during your free trial:

[List what the client can do. E.g., visit product demo pages, download the app, or visit the FAQ page.]

Thanks again for giving [product name] a try!



What makes this B2B email template so great:

This email makes the client feel welcome with a personal greeting from an important person at the company. The entire tone is also warm and friendly, which is important in kickstarting a good relationship with a client. 

Finally, it shows clients how to get the most out of their free trial, improving the odds they’ll continue using the product after the trial.

When to use this B2B email template:

When a client signs up for a trial or buys a product.

Thank you B2B email template

  1. Thanking clients after reaching a significant milestone

Possible subject line: You made this milestone possible

Hi [first name],

Thank you!

On [insert day], [your company name] reached a significant milestone. We [mention milestone, e.g., earned unicorn status].

Every journey starts somewhere; ours started [mention when it started, e.g., 20 years ago in a garage]. 

Since those early days, we have been inspired by [insert your clients, e.g., small business owners who want to make a positive change in their community].

We share your passion, which motivates us daily, and we dedicate this [milestone] to you. We are grateful for your business, the lives you touch, and the fantastic work you do daily. Thank you!

Our focus moving forward is to build even more robust products so we can serve you better. We are already [mention what you’re doing to achieve that, e.g., introducing new product features the clients want].

We thank you for your constant support and look forward to working with you for many more years. 



[Role, company name]

What makes this email template so great:

Instead of sending a generic thank you message, the company makes the client feel part of something bigger. Showing appreciation to clients for helping you achieve a big milestone goes a long way toward building more of a connection with them.

When to use this email template:

When you’ve reached a significant milestone and want clients to feel appreciated for their part in it.

Client apology B2B email template

  1. Apologizing to clients for a problem that is being actively worked on

Hi [client name],

I’m sorry about [mention problem]. 

I am in the process of talking to my team to get to the bottom of your issue.

Please know that your issue is important to us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with more information and solutions. 

Thanks for your patience.


P.S. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email or call me.

What makes this email response so great:

This template is versatile enough to be applied to various situations, and you can use it almost immediately with minor tweaks.

The message is also professional and succinct. It lets the customer know their complaint has been heard and that the customer success team is actively working on it.

When to use this email template: 

When you’re still working on an issue to find a solution, or your team is overwhelmed by complaints and needs to buy a little time to get their ducks in a row.

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Client feedback B2B email template

  1. Asking for feedback from clients

Possible subject line: Help us better serve you

Hi [first name],

With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re already starting to plan for an exciting new year at [company name].

To get things going, we’d love to schedule a review of your past year. 

During this conversation, we would like feedback on how things are going on your end and what we can improve.

Your feedback will be vital as we plan for the new year and will help us serve you better. 

What day and time would work best for a chat next week?



P.S. The conversation will take about 10 minutes.

What makes this email template so great:

This email frames the feedback request as a way to improve its product offering. It also manages expectations well by letting the client know how long the review will take. 

When to use this email template:

When you need to schedule a review to get client feedback.

Client appreciation B2B email template

  1. Showing appreciation for loyalty

Possible subject line: We appreciate you

Hi [client name],

[Your name] here, founder [or another high-level job role] of [business name]. 

I wanted to personally thank you for supporting us for the past [insert amount of time, e.g., two years].

It’s been wonderful getting to know you and your family, and learning about your ambitious plans for your business.

We really appreciate you and look forward to working with you more to help you grow your company. Here’s to another two years and beyond!

As thanks for your unwavering loyalty, we’ve decided to give you [insert thing you’ve given them like a discount or free consultation].



What makes this email template so great:

This email makes clients feel special with a thank you from someone higher up at the company. It also shows them they’re appreciated with a gift to say thanks for their loyalty.

When to use this email template:

When you want to show appreciation to clients who have supported you for a long time.

B2B Sales email template

  1. Engaging clients who stopped using your product

Possible subject line: What didn’t work for you about [product name].

Hi [client name],

I noticed you tried out [product name] but haven’t used it again in the past few weeks.

I’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your feedback:

- What did you hope [product name] would help you do when you signed up?

- What didn’t work for you about it?

- What would compel you to start using it more often?

Thanks so much!



What makes this email template so great:

Sales emails can come across as too "salesy" or pushy. But this outreach email does not. It attempts to understand why clients stopped using the product and what would get them to use it more often. It’s also short and to the point.

When to use this email template:

The sales team can use this template to engage potential customers who used your product for a short while and then stopped.

New product, feature, or service launch B2B email template

  1. Informing clients of a software update

Possible subject line: We’ve got something cool to show you

Hi [client name],

We’ve made some significant changes…

Over the past [insert time, e.g., year], we’ve been listening to all your product feedback, dreaming of a future when [product name] would be better and more user-friendly. 

That future is here. 

Our designers, developers, and marketers have been working hard to transform your [product] experience. Everything about [product name] should feel just a little slicker, a bit more colorful, and way more fun.

Take a look (button)

And, let us know what you think. 

If you get stuck or lost, feel free to call for help at [email].

Have fun!

The [Company name] team

What makes this email template so great:

The subject line creates curiosity, and the email mentions how client feedback shaped the changes made to the product. This makes clients feel like their input matters: the company listens to feedback and acts on it.

The company also keeps communication lines open by welcoming further feedback, reinforcing its commitment to improvement.

When to use this email template:

When you’ve launched a new product, feature, or service you want your clients to know about.

Demo or webinar B2B email template

  1. Making contact after a client requests a product demo

Possible subject line. Here are the next steps for your product demo

Hi [client name name],

Thank you for requesting a demo of [insert product].

My name is [name], the [job title, e.g., the customer success manager] responsible for walking you through the product demo and answering any questions you may have. 

The demo will consist of:

  • A short conversation where we’ll talk about your pain points, goals, and what you hope our product will help you with.

  • Me running you through the product capabilities and how our product can help you achieve your goals and/or solve your problems.

Please will you book a time on my calendar by following this link: [insert link].

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business.



What makes this email template so great:

This email helps manage the client’s expectations. By receiving an email like this as soon as they sign up for a demo, they know exactly what’s expected of them and what the demo will entail. 

It also helps build a connection between the company and the client. Instead of instantly being taken to a demo page that lacks customization, and the human touch, the client starts dealing with a real person who is there to help and answer any questions. 

When to use this email template:

When a client has signed up for a demo or webinar via your website, and you want to build a good rapport.

Start using B2B email templates today

B2B email templates can help you build strong relationships with clients while saving you time. Simply choose the right template for the right situation and customize it as needed.

Software can also help. You could consider Front: a customer communication hub that keeps teams focused on what technology can’t replace: building customer relationships.

In just one click, you can save messages as email templates for use at a later stage. Save templates individually or for your team if you want everyone to have access to that awesome template you created.

Learn more about building stronger client relationships today with these email templates.

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