Front acquires, accelerating a new era for AI-powered customer service

Front Team

Front Team

24 January 20240 min read

A new chapter of AI at Front

At Front, we are enabling customer support teams to deliver world-class service at scale. Front allows support leaders to decrease costs by over 30% while achieving a CSAT score that beats the industry average by 9 points. And with Front’s AI investments, we’re giving customers the power to aim even higher.

Today, we’re excited to announce Front’s acquisition of to accelerate the speed of AI innovation for — and with — our customers. The Windsor team has spent the last three years building an AI platform that produced nearly a million personalized videos, enabling companies to seamlessly scale the human touch in their communications. 

As users of Front from their earliest days in Y Combinator, Windsor shares our vision of creating AI tools that help teams set new standards of service. We’re thrilled to join forces and build on this vision together.

We both believed AI would be pivotal in transforming how companies and teams of all shapes and sizes interact with their customers. AI is not just about cool technology; it’s about enabling customer-centric businesses to do what they do best, better.

Pranay Prakash, co-founder of Windsor

The next era of support, with AI as a co-pilot

Until now, automated deflection required customer service leaders to make tradeoffs between efficiency and customer experience. Now, there’s no longer a need to choose.

New AI-powered deflection and automation tools allow teams to create five-star customer experiences without sacrificing productivity. Here at Front, we’re committed to helping our customers integrate these new AI capabilities to fit their business needs and strengthen customer relationships.

It’s easy to think of AI as merely a bot that responds to customers for you. While Front enables this type of deflection (what’s more satisfying than getting an instant, accurate answer to your question?), we know that our customers also handle complex, nuanced inquiries that require a human in-the-loop. Generative AI plays a key role in unlocking critical productivity gains for teams managing these inquiries behind the scenes.

Beyond deflection, the next generation of world-class support teams will use AI to recognize the intent of customer inquiries and accelerate their resolution. This could mean applying a workflow for a standardized process or routing a question to the best subject matter expert to follow up. AI will serve as a trusted co-pilot for all support operations — not just as a front-line of defense.

What’s next for AI at Front

This year, we’ll build on the launches of AI Compose and Summarize to accelerate agent productivity. Our newest features, AI Answers for real-time live chat deflection and AI Tagging for automatic topic detection, will be launching out of beta in early 2024. Both capabilities double down on the “it’s a game changer” aspect of Front — improving efficiency and effectiveness with workflows that save teams time and uplevel their support experience.

Looking ahead, we will integrate AI and automation even more deeply across the platform, for all customer-facing and internal workflows. Front is committed to supercharging customer service agent productivity and enabling support teams to deliver top-tier service for every customer and across any channel.

Mohammed Attar, Chief Product Officer at Front

We’re thrilled to bring the team on board to deliver even faster and serve as a trusted partner to help our customers implement these capabilities into their business.

We’re excited to share more with you in 2024 and be your partner in what’s ahead! 

Written by Front Team

Originally Published: 24 January 2024

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