Front vs email clients: A comparison

Front Team

Front Team

1 February 20230 min read

Email is built for individual relationships, not for growing businesses. So how do you keep the personal nature while you scale?

Email alone was designed for personal, one-to-one communication... that’s about it. If you’re trying to manage customer communication via traditional email tools, you’re missing out on:

  • Customer context and data lives in 3rd party apps

  • Robust automation, sorting, aggregating and routing

  • Detailed analytics around response times, customer satisfaction and more

  • One cohesive workflow where all communication channels are managed in a single place

Front is for fast-growing, collaborative teams that value personal communication but need to deliver at scale.

Achieve seamless, built-in collaboration

Built-in collaboration features let your teams work together across departments and directly on the customer message. No more time or context lost switching to other tools for teamwork.

Comments, shared drafts, and team inboxes make it seamless to collaborate on customer messages and stay aligned, so teams become extraordinarily efficient at answering complex customer questions.

Front brings all critical customer information — account data, message history, and collaboration capabilities — directly alongside the customer message. No more silos or time lost pivoting between tools.

The platform offers one shared place to view all customer messages from all communication channels, so nothing falls through the cracks and it’s easy to respond quickly, accurately, and thoughtfully your customer’s preferred way.

Access robust analytics

Front gives you visibility where you need it. Access analytics to pinpoint areas to improve, so you can close business faster and keep customers happy.

Deeply understand your customer’s experience and team’s performance so you can know exactly how to improve and scale success.

Build no-code workflows that save time

Replace manual busywork with easy-to-build automations that can assign, escalate, and reply to every message on time — so your employees don’t get bogged down and you can retain top talent.

No-code, custom automations instantly triage, escalate, and assign all incoming messages, keeping manual work at bay and your team focused on your customer.

What makes Front different

Email lacks the sophisticated workflows your business needs, but you can’t work without it. We bring email into a modern customer communication hub. It’s quite a makeover.

Hear it directly from folks who made the switch:

No more emails about emails. We know what’s going on at all times. We know exactly what’s a priority, right away.

Logistics Dynamics

The ability to tag emails in Front allows for faster retrieval and searches than we had in Outlook.


Get started with Front

Front is a great choice for teams collaborating and looking for a super centralized, user-friendly interface. It enables a more personalized end user experience, making it a winner for companies looking to tackle inbox management and exceed customer expectations.

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