Telegram and Dialpad SMS have entered the chat: expand your channels without worsening app-switching burnout

Front Team

Front Team

13 February 20230 min read

The new Telegram and Dialpad SMS integrations with Front cut down app toggling by aggregating all your inbound messages into one place.

Technology is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can bring time-saving benefits to boost productivity. On the flip side, it can be overwhelming and drag down productivity. For many businesses, it‘s trial and error to methodically build a tech stack that helps them solve two pressing needs:

  1. What will empower my teams to serve our customers better

  2. How can I make it scalable and operationally efficient 

With a growing tech stack, teams are spending four hours a week reorienting themselves from context switching across apps. That’s why the new Telegram and Dialpad SMS integrations with Front cut down app toggling by aggregating all your inbound messages into one place.

The Telegram + Front integration enables you to connect a Telegram bot as a channel in Front and manage conversations with individual customers or groups of customers entirely from Front. The Front + Dialpad SMS integration brings all customer communications into one place, from emails to SMS to phone calls, enabling sending and receiving of messages using a Dialpad phone number directly from Front.

Let’s take a closer look at how the two integrations introduce operational efficiencies that can directly impact your customer experience.

No message left behind 

To stay on top of all your customer inquiries, you can aggregate all your Telegram or Dialpad messages into one place alongside all of your other channels. There are huge efficiency gains from centralizing all your inbound messages to reduce toggling apps, as context switching causes burnout and decreased productivity. In fact, one study found that after just 20 minutes of repeating interruptions, respondents reported significantly higher stress, frustration, workload, effort, and pressure.  

Not needing to switch between apps is a critical, time-saving benefit. Without Front, you could be toggling three tools if you needed to collaborate to respond to a customer inquiry. For example, if a message came through Telegram, you’d have to email your colleague or start a separate chat message to get their input. Then, you’d go BACK to the platform to respond. We didn’t even count if you also need to reference your CRM — which would be your fourth tool. Can you imagine doing that for multiple customers? Yeah, no thanks.

Not needing to switch between apps is a critical, time-saving benefit.

When you centralize your Telegram or Dialpad messages into Front, it’s easy to see which messages are being handled by whom, so you can better prioritize what needs to be worked on next. And if you need help responding to a customer? Front consolidates your three tools into one access point, because you can work with your teammates seamlessly behind the scenes and directly respond to customers through the Telegram or Dialpad SMS channel — all from the Front platform.

More personalization at scale

Having easy access to customer context is essential to respond with speed, accuracy, and a personal touch. 63% of companies report that customer data not being available to employees at the right time remains a top challenge. Front has the conversation history readily available, so your team can pick up the discussion wherever it left off, regardless of channel.

Remember that fourth tool? If you need to access your CRM to respond to the incoming Telegram or Dialpad message, Front integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot. You can quickly pull up account and contact data like ARR, contract renewal data, and job title to write an informed response. Make it scalable with dynamic variables in message templates that your team can use to automatically populate key customer info in your replies.

It’s having customer context at your fingertips that allows you to respond faster, rather than trying to remember where to find the information you need. Your staff will feel more equipped to respond thoughtfully, which yields a better customer experience.

Businesses are constantly evolving in managing their complex omnichannel landscapes to connect with customers. That’s the beauty of how Dialpad works with Front: it gives companies the freedom to customize their communication workflows using the best of both worlds to deliver that personalized customer experience.

Sangeeta Walsh, VP of Partnerships, Dialpad

Lean into automation

Automation can introduce major efficiency gains in your customer experience. Routing a high volume of inbound messages from multiple channels can be one huge time sink if done manually. That’s why teams can — and should! — take advantage of automation to reallocate time to things that matter more: serving your customers. 

Once you’ve hooked up your Telegram or Dialpad SMS channel into Front, you can use our powerful rule engine to automatically assign owners to messages while factoring workloads across teammates, those who are out of the office, etc. 

You can also use Smart Rules to create highly customizable automated workflows with advanced logic. Here are some example scenarios you can configure: 

  1. A Telegram chat that comes in with “order #” in the message can be automatically routed to the right team who handles orders.

  2. A Dialpad SMS is received from a new contact who’s part of an existing account. CRM sync can associate the contact to the account, as well as notify the account manager so they’re aware of new activity.

  3. A Dialpad SMS has been sitting in the inbox for too long. The team manager gets automatically notified about the service level agreement (SLA) breach.

Unveiled insights to support business value

As companies continuously evaluate the ROI of their technology and operations, reporting capability is table stakes to prove business value. Front’s analytics enables you to set goals and track performance by opening up visibility to message handle times, team workload, and key customer metrics. 

Analytics can help you gain insight to your Telegram or Dialpad SMS communications like:

  • Measuring response times

  • Customer satisfaction scores like CSAT

  • Tracking SLA breaches 

  • Monitoring trends or topics of inbound messages

We’ve had customers use these insights to optimize workflows to improve responsiveness, identify weak areas of customer support to allocate more resources, and gain a better understanding of what keeps their customers happy.

Work smarter, not harder

In a time where app overload encroaches our day-to-day workflow, you can find relief in moments when you toggle one less tab, app, or platform. You can reduce the number of places you need to look to gather all of the information you need to help a customer. You can leverage automation to handle all the lower-stakes tasks to focus on higher-priority tasks. And when you find the right balance, you can work with a little more ease, cross off more to-do’s, and delight more customers along the way.

Meet customers where they are. Get started with the Telegram or Dialpad SMS integration.

Written by Front Team

Originally Published: 13 February 2023

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