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Choosing a shared inbox solution

Teams of all sizes in all industries work together with shared inboxes. When you’re evaluating options, think about not only the key features your team needs to get work done, but also the features that would make it simple for you to set up and manage. 

Features to look for in a shared inbox

Below we’ve listed out the core functionality every shared inbox should have. Look for these features when you’re choosing a solution. 

Multi-channel communication

Do you want to manage live chat, SMS texts, and social media messages, or only email in your shared inbox? Some shared inboxes, like Front, enable you to connect all the above. 

Individual email

Your shared inbox should allow your team to also input their individual email, so they can manage it all in one place with their shared emails and stay organized.

Simple collaboration

This should be the strong point for your shared inbox! Look for: the ability to assign messages, the ability to chat internally with your team directly on emails, and the ability to work together on shared drafts in real time.


Do you have actions you'd like to get done instantly, like routing messages, tagging, or archiving? Your shared inbox should allow you to set up automation so that you're not stuck doing tedious tasks. 

Productivity features

Can you snooze emails, set reminders to come back to emails later, and access your calendar instantly from your inbox? These features help individual teammates stay on top of follow ups and never miss a message.

Integrations with other apps

The most robust shared inboxes help your team stay on task by integrating with your favorite apps and tools.

Ability to disconnect

Can your team switch a button to go offline for the day? This is critical if your team goes on vacation or works on shifts. If you switch offline, your messages go back to the shared inbox they originated in, so the rest of the team can work on them while you're out.

Shift scheduling and workload balancing

Some shared inboxes allow you to evenly distribute new emails amongst your team, matching a shift schedule directly to your inbox workflow. If you’ve got a global or remote team, this helps you respond faster, no matter what time it is. 

Customer support & success

Can you get help when you need it? The best shared inbox will come with dedicated support and success teams that have expertise to help with setting up, training, and guiding your team toward your goals. 

Easy setup and training

It should be simple to connect your email accounts and get up and running quickly. When you configure settings for one inbox, or teammate, you should be able to easily replicate those settings when you add another. 

Flexibility to work with anyone

The best shared inbox solutions allow you to collaborate on email with anyone you work with – whether they're part of your company or not. Look for a tool that allows you to invite guests to work together, without needing to get the app itself.

Mobile app

Will your team need to work on the go? Look for shared inbox software with a mobile app to ensure your team can access their work when and where they need it.

Why teams love using Front to manage shared inboxes

Front is the first shared inbox software for teams — and it's got far more functionality than traditional shared inboxes in Gmail or Outlook. Front feels like email, but with revolutionary improvements. Here’s what sets Front apart from the rest:

Multi-channel platform

Manage group email, individual work email, SMS texts, live chat, and social media messages in shared inboxes in Front. 

Easy collaboration

Comment internally, assign emails, and share drafts to work together with your team. Kick off internal discussions directly in your inbox to keep all your work chatter in one place. 

Faster response times

By saving time and giving you the context you need to reply, teams reply on average 56 minutes faster with Front.

Efficiency & automation

Set reminders, save message templates, and build rules to automate tedious tasks. Teams who use Front save on average 6 hours per person, every week.

App integrations and API 

Connect 50+ app integrations like Salesforce, Asana, and Jira to Front natively, or build a custom solution on Front's open API

A reliable track record

Shopify, Dropbox, SSY, Stripe, and more than 5,000 teams across the globe rely on Front to power better client communication. Read more on Front's customers.

World-class service 

Front’s global customer support and success teams give award-winning service that will help your team from personalized training to finding custom solutions. 

Flexible pricing to fit teams big and small

Choose from monthly or annual Front pricing plans in three tiers and add-on features. Add light users for those who just need limited functionality. Invite guests to collaborate outside your team for free. 


Email is the most widely-used workplace technology on the planet, but it could use a facelift. Today’s teams depend on collaborative email and shared inboxes — so cheers to you for paving the way to better work for your team.

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