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What can you do with a collaborative Gmail inbox?

Companies use shared inboxes to make their operations and processes more efficient. With Gmail's collaborative inbox, you can streamline work in a variety of ways no matter what team you're on.

Project Management

You can use a shared inbox as a central command station for internal communication on projects. No more searching through multiple email threads trying to find information or files. 

Customer Support

Customer support is streamlined with a shared inbox. Customers won't need to wait as long for a response since support teams can see outstanding messages. And customer emails won't fall through the cracks as easily since you can delegate emails to members of your team.

Account Management

Similar to customer support, account reps can make sure they're nurturing customers in a more personalized manner. 


Salespeople can use a shared inbox to manage account communication. Team members can see who said what to each prospect or customer, so you can better customize followup messages.


PR and Account-Based Marketing are turbocharged with a shared inbox. The PR team can easily see which media contacts have been contacted, what was said, who responded, and what actions need to be taken as a result. The marketing team will be able to effectively track their campaigns, and better customize their sequences.