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Shared Mailbox Management Guide for Teams Using Outlook & Office 365

Microsoft became the primary player in business email in  1990 when they released Outlook along with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Since then, the way we work has become increasingly collaborative. To keep up with this new working style, Microsoft has added functionality beyond their core email product: the shared mailbox feature for managing shared email, and Microsoft Teams for chatting internally. 

Now, many companies create shared mailboxes for their teams to handle all kinds of communication — from sales inquiries to customer support requests. This guide will explain how teams using Outlook and Office 365 can create a shared mailbox, how to manage your shared inbox, and why many teams are replacing Outlook with Front to manage shared inboxes instead.

Here are some of the questions we cover in this guide:

  • What is an Outlook shared mailbox?

  • Why do teams use a shared mailbox in Outlook?

  • How do you create a shared mailbox in Outlook?

  • What are the limitations of Outlook shared mailboxes?

  • Why do teams switch from Outlook to Front to manage shared inboxes?

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