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How to use your Office 365 shared mailbox

Now that you've set up your shared mailbox in  Office 365, it's time to start using it! Here's what you need to do in order to get the most out of your shared mailbox.

Configure your mailbox so everyone can see all sent items.

By default, the emails sent from the shared mailbox are saved to the Sent items folder of the member who sent the message. You'll want to allow everyone to see all Sent mail, so go to the admin center and select Shared mailbox settings, then select Sent items > Edit.

Add your shared mailbox to each member's Outlook.

To make the shared mailbox accessible in individual Outlook user mailboxes, enable automapping. (Automapping is the default setting, so unless you changed this setting, it should already be enabled.) Then ask each member to close and restart Outlook. When they next open Outlook, each user's mailbox should display the shared mailbox.

Accessing the shared mailbox on mobile devices.

To access the mailbox via your mobile device's Outlook app, simply log into the mobile app and add the shared mailbox under Add account.

Send automatic replies.

If you want to send auto-replies, you can set up these replies in the admin center. Go to Groups > Shared mailboxes and select the shared mailbox you want to send from. Select Automatic replies > Edit. After you've set the toggle to On, choose whether you want to send the reply to people outside or inside your company, and then type out the reply. Finally, select Save. 

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