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Why use an Outlook shared mailbox?

Companies use Outlook shared mailboxes for several reasons. From making operations more efficient to improving customer service, a shared mailbox has several advantages over using individual accounts alone.  

1. Monitor and send email from a centralized account 

The biggest benefit is that multiple team members can monitor and send emails from one account. There's no need to forward emails dealing with specific issues to the appropriate team member. Everyone has a full view of all incoming messages. And if one team member is out of the office, someone else can pick up and respond to incoming messages that are part of an ongoing conversation. 

2. Handle customer email inquiries faster

Using a shared mailbox allows teams to respond to customer inquiries faster. Because any member of the mailbox can reply to any message, any available team member can respond. This capability translates into better customer service ratings.

3. Share Outlook calendar information

Finally, an Office 365 shared mailbox allows small businesses to keep all customer appointments in a single calendar. With this ability, everyone can easily see where team members are scheduled to be located any given day and which customers are being serviced.

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What you can use a shared mailbox for

There are many reasons teams choose to use Office 365 shared mailboxes. Nearly every department in your organization can benefit from a shared mailbox. 

  • Customer service teams are able to respond to inquiries faster. 

  • PR teams can jump on media opportunities as soon as they receive an incoming message from an outlet. 

  • Account management teams can ensure their leads feel they're a priority to the organization. 

  • Sales teams can easily keep deals moving during the critical close period. 

  • Project management teams can keep everyone on the same page regarding project status. 

In today's world, where everything moves so quickly, the ability to keep up and take advantage of momentum is invaluable.